Camilla Landscape Design How We Work

About Us - How We Work


We schedule an appointment to spend about an hour with you at your home. We’ll review your needs, walk your property, and offer ideas and helpful suggestions. There’s no cost for the initial appointment.

Together we determine if a sketch or a more comprehensive Master Plan is required.

Sketches are billed at $135 per hour. Generally, they take four to six hours.

Master Plans are detailed drawings of your site and include layout of walks, terraces, planting beds, pools and other amenities. We meet with you once or twice during the design process. Master Plan costs are determined by the size and complexity of the job, typically ranging from $2500 to $4500.


We supply plants and all other construction materials, as well as labor to do the job. Since each site and job will vary, we price according to your specific site conditions and material costs.


We offer optional landscape maintenance programs to care for your landscape. We recommend yearly maintenance contracts for optimum care of your property. Horticultural services may also be purchased on an hourly basis, plus materials.