Camilla Landscape Design Protective Services

Services - Protective Services

“It’s in our nature to care“ was never more true than in our approach to monitoring your property. We care a great deal about the well-being of your plants, and your family. From proper ornamental tree pruning to organic insect and disease control, we can help protect your property from pests…and minimize storm damage.

Our Protective Services include:

  • Pest Monitoring & Control
  • Deer Browse Control
  • Corrective Pruning
  • Deep-Root Feeding
  • Compost Trenching
  • Compost Tea Applications

Winter Protection

Easy to overlook – but extremely important, especially for evergreens. Our crew will carefully net and wrap your shrubs to minimize damage from heavy snows. And to help reduce damage from winter’s biting winds, we apply special anti-desiccants to minimize moisture loss.

Protecting your Family

Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses are a major concern – and an unpleasant reality here in the Northeast. Fortunately, we help customers reduce the health risk with no-nonsense methods:

  • Tick Repellent – We use natural oil sprays to help suppress ticks that carry Lyme disease. Knowing where and how often to spray is key.
  • Habitat Management – We employ methods to reduce tick habitats adjacent to lawn and play areas. Clearing leaf litter and wood chip barriers have been documented to help reduce ticks on the lawn.